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SMPS Colorado One2One 2014-2015 Mentor Program Launching Soon!

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   SMPS Colorado
   7 South Galapago Street
   Denver, Colorado 80223

Letter from the President

Getting to Number One

I could easily argue that Colorado is the best state in the entire country. Few would challenge me on this fact. With its four seasons, beautiful scenery, and truly great lifestyle, the Centennial State is hard to beat. Our own industry is proving we are tops in the country. Take a look outside and you will see countless cranes, construction zones and new buildings popping up daily. A beautiful sight, indeed.

In September, I challenged our board to take us to number one. As a chapter, we have been standing strong at number five for several years, but to mirror our building landscape around us, it’s time to step up our game and take the top spot.

But we need your help to get there!

Have you been attending meetings sporadically, taking in just a little bit of programming and networking here and there? Now is your time to take the leap and see what a full membership can do for you.

Are you an existing member, but doubting the value your membership really brings? Now is the time to jump in, with both feet, and join a committee.

Do you currently participate in a committee and want to contribute more? Engage your friends and promote the benefits of this organization to your colleagues.

Now is a great time to join! SMPS Colorado is investing in our new and existing members in new ways:

First, we are hosting 2 raffles to win a Southwest Regional Conference registration - Click here for info. One is for new members who join by December 5 and the other for existing members who apply for a scholarship to attend by December 5
. If you have never attended this Regional Conference, it is a three-day conference, jam-packed with education and networking opportunities. The incredible takeaways are unlike any local event. The programming is centered on career growth to put the wind back into your networking sails, fuel your creativity, refresh your strategic thinking, and reignite your passion for AEC Marketing and Business Development!

Second, we are hosting a member appreciation event on January 7 – unlike any we have hosted before. This upscale event is to honor all of the members who have supported our chapter over the years and continue to invest their time and efforts. We want to thank you for your contributions. Without you, none of these programs and opportunities would be possible.

Last, I want to welcome you to join me at the Marketing Excellence Awards on March 5. To honor all of our amazing marketers and business developers who make up our local industry. This premier event recognizes several individuals for their contribution to the chapter, their firms and the A/E/C industry.Be on the lookout for key deadlines in the near future for award entries and individual awards so you can honor those around you.

If you haven’t attended a program in a little while, you should do so. Our programs committee has been hard at work to revise the format and really dig deep to bring you better stories and information that you can take back to your firm. It is always a challenge to “renovate” a project, our programs included, and we are certainly making tweaks each and every month. Fill out the surveys after the events – the entire committee, including myself, reviews them each time and looks for opportunities to make improvements.

How are we going to get to number one? By investing in each and every one of you. By reaching out to our current members, inspiring you to get involved, attending our events, and creating personal relationships with you.

Please join me, in the next few months as we continue our push for the number one Chapter in the Nation. Let’s prove to the other 56 chapters that Colorado really is the best state in the country and our membership is the strongest, most diverse they’ve ever seen.

Kim Robertson, CPSM


Check out what our Members have to say about the benefits of serving on a Committee:

My membership with SMPS and participation on various committees has had immeasurable impact on my career and growth as a professional. Through my participation within the organization, I have garnered numerous professional skills, many of my professional relationships, and a bolstered professional confidence.  If you’re looking for an organization to support that gives back tri-fold what you put in – SMPS is the right pick.”
Emily Murphy Siem, Calibre Engineering

“I began volunteering with SMPS shortly after joining the organization and soon found myself as Co-Chair and then Chair of a committee. Being thrust into a leadership position was a great way to accelerate my personal impact and overall comfort with the association and people within. Being a volunteer means you can directly shape the content and direction of the organization. It’s all about coming up with and implementing new ideas and new ways to help members and ultimately our unique sub-sector of this industry as a whole.”
Jennifer Mathers, Turner Construction CO.

"Serving as a member of SMPS for the last 11 years has given me career opportunities, training and an invaluable network. Using my SMPS network has allowed me to increase revenue for my firm, hash out successful marketing strategies with peers and build lasting friendships. SMPS gives A/E/C marketers and business developers a community that is unsurpassed. Volunteering and serving on committees and now the Executive Board, has been well worth the time."
W. Celeste Davis Stragand, CPSM, Kiewit

“Being part of the Education committee with SMPS has had a profound impact on career.  I am a more valuable employee and more confident person because of the tools that the committee has taught me,from public speaking to writing skills to reaching out to industry leaders.  I have happily dedicated time to this committee because of the lifelong relationships I have gained and the positive direction my career has taken.  I encourage any SMPS member to join a committee to get the most value out of their membership.”  
Krista Sanderson, S.A. Miro

What a great way to learn leadership skills before ever taking on such a position at my firm. SMPS gave me the opportunity to manage my own team and the confidence to apply this to my job!”
Dana Humphreys, Hyder Construction

“Joining SMPS has impacted my career in many ways: exceptional professional growth training, business development opportunities, visibility for my company. When I joined a committee and started invested my time to contribute back to the organization, my network exploded. It’s been a great value to me and my firm and I’ve made great friends on top of it!
Karen Current, DHM Design

For more information on becoming a member of SMPS, please contact Barbara Jacobs at For more information on volunteering on any of our committees, visit our Committees page.



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